Pricing and Ordering

The Price List and Prescription Forms are available for download. Please click on the PDF's to the right to view them full scale.


No-charge services provided by the lab:

• Pre-paid UPS Shipping labels
• Seating your band on your model
• Removing brackets off of the models
• Re-setting teeth in Spring Aligners
• Model Prep
• Rush Orders
• 55 Acrylic Colors
• Safety key with all Fixed Appliances
• EasyRx STL File Submissions


To view the Price List and Presciption Form without downloading, please scroll down.

*Please note that all prices are subject to change.

Price List 2022



Prescription Form 19



Quality Guarantee:

Broken appliances, remakes and repairs are free if due to lab error.

We ask that the original appliance be sent with the new Prescription Form and a new model. This is for Quality Control purposes for the lab. The original appliance can be returned with the new appliance upon request from the Doctor.

If distortion in an impression or model is noticed, Hill Orthodontic Lab, LLC will call before the appliance is made. The Doctor can then decide if they would like to send a new model, or if they would like for us to fill in the voids, reseat bands, etc... 

Please note that if the appliance fits the model used in fabrication, then it is not considered lab error. Please be aware of distortions in impressions and note that bubbles in models will affect how the appliance will fit in the patient's mouth.