Shipping Information

For Shipping and Receiving dates, please view our Calendars.

(To view the 2020 and 2021 calendars, please scroll down or select the PDF for download on the right.)

UPS Shipping Label Instructions:

Hill Orthodontic Lab, LLC will provide Pre-paid Next Day Ground UPS labels. Pre-paid Return labels are also included in each shipment. These are available to be e-mailed upon request.

Due to shipping cost increases, please be advised that if an invoice is less than $35.00, the difference will be added to the balance of each invoice. Appliances will be grouped together when possible to avoid the added cost. This will be in effect as of November 01, 2017.

Delivery and pick-up times vary for each location. Please contact your local UPS stores for these times and locations.

Please make sure that the return date specified on the Prescription Form is a day that your office is open and available to accept packages. Please also make sure that the return date is not the same day that your patient is scheduled.

Please do not include the day you ship and wish to receive your appliance in your turnaround time. Please note that the days marked on the calendar with a leaf are non-working days. Our normal business days are Monday - Friday. Weekends and Holidays are not included. Please refer to the calendar provided.




Postal Calendar 2020

Postal Calendar 2021